The Police, and why they Deserve to get Fucked

Someone in my Critical Victimology class said we have to be careful not to victimise the police. They were speaking in regards to the social media outrage that erupted with Ferguson; a movement criticising the police and their long history of racist violence. This victimisation of the police really surprised me, as I had not known that the Black Lives Matter movement had begun entering white middle-class neighbourhoods, shooting policemen point blank, several times in the chest, before proclaiming ‘they were waving a watergun at me.’

‘It’s in their genes to be shot more.’

Fuck sarcasm, fuck the police, fuck your uncle cop, and fuck this ideology of police necessity. The police have historically opposed every mass movement calling out for more equality, liberty and justice. They have been used to enforce inequality, poverty, racism, sexism, and every other form of prejudice beneficial to the status quo. I have no doubt when everyone begins closing their borders to immigrants because of racist nationalist sentiments, the police will be there to harass anyone who appears ethnically deviant from the norm. Who cares about the corrupt bureaucracies those immigrants escaped from, they’ll find plenty fucking more oppression here, then be shipped back without any support from us so called liberal societies.

We aren’t a free people. The majority of our time is spent in workplaces that are authoritarian, hierarchical and competitive. We are raised on an ideology of competitiveness, hard labour and self-sufficiency. The threat of gruelling poverty is naturalised, despite the fact that we create enough surplus to feed everyone in the world. The only thing free is the market, and as the famous neo-imperialist fuck Thomas Friedman said ‘The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist’. The advocates of our economic system have outright stated that the police and military exist to enforce the the interests of the elites. There is no conspiracy, only the consent of a conservative liberal populous that imagines itself leftist for voting for the fucking green party.

Peacekeeping is a peace of enforced silence, by those whose voices oppose the dominant discourse. By displacing police from their historical roots, liberal ideology transforms them into a representation of justice; an eternal truth that has and always will be. Patriotism becomes the inversion of reality. Rather than see the police as brutish, cruel and oppressive, it foregrounds the value of justice, then imposes this back onto reality. If there are more blacks in prison than whites, it must be due to their unjust ways. If a policeman slams a transgendered person onto the pavement, they must have been breaking the law. No matter the action, the police are the embodiment of justice.

police lead_960
‘America is the land of the free.’

This reification of police from historical circumstance into static embodiment is the crux of ideology. The belief that things just are, and we have no power, want no power, over the organisation of our existence. That there are always good people, and bad people, and that the bad people don’t represent the police, oh no, they just sneak in to cause a ruckus, don’t judge uncle Tommy the same way; look, you can see him in this video, standing off to the side while the bad policeman slams the trans person to the ground; don’t you know Tommy donates to Women’s Refuge?

Fuck off, you disembodied liberal apologist fuck, you can’t divide the world into strict moral binaries of goodness and badness. These values aren’t qualities inherent in individuals. Fuck your autonomous bullshit; every individual is connected in a web of relations to every other individual, object, and process in their life. Existence is a dynamic, everchanging, historically contingent becoming. Fucking you. Yes, you, standing over there, wringing your hands. Don’t ignore me. People don’t act out because they think ‘man, I’m so fucking bad, I’m going to rob this store cause I’m the baddest fuck in town,’ they act out because of their socio-economic situations, with their methods reflecting the ideological values instilled into them through education, family, media and wider culture.

police detroit packard_2976-copy
‘If Detroit just got a job, it wouldn’t be in this mess.’

Did you know most burglaries in my town involve only stolen food? It’s as if burglars are seeking sustenance, not wealth. Fancy that fucking depiction becoming prominent in the media; or the causes of economic inequality and poverty; or the corporate imperialism decimating the third world (more accurately, the majority world). Not only do a minority elite exploit the majority labouring, but a minority of nations exploits the majority of the globe. Spice trade has a long history with slavery and colonialism, and it is a history still happening.

The police do the victimising, along with the capitalists, along with every liberal consenting with the banal phrase ‘oh, no, that poor black child, but hey, not all police are bad.’ Fucking fantastic, let’s just push aside the victim and return to the question of ‘are all perpetrators bad?’ No, you don’t deserve to take over the discussion, to redirect it, to steal it. All perpetrators are fucking perpetrators, so shut your god damn face and listen to what the victims have to say, what the oppressed have to say, what those who are actually fucking affected have to say. Piss off with your saviour complex, your western philosophising. Let the subjugated speak.

In other words, fuck the police, fuck capitalism, but most of all, fuck you.

One thought on “The Police, and why they Deserve to get Fucked

  1. “That famous neo-imperialist fuck Thomas Friedman.” LOL.

    Excellent post. Liberalism is extremely problematic: the idea that we are all individuals and have equal accountability, and like you said, the tendency to be ahistorical. The police are a collective oppressive force inherently, while minorities are a collective oppressed forces. Things really need to be seen that way.


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