All that is situated melts into the air.

[In response to the racially-motivated Christchurch mass shooting]

We have far right ideologies, with material roots in Europe, digitally disseminated through an incoherent and disparate collective of hypermediated young white men, who have no living memory of men as they’ve been told how men should be, but merely a hyperreal ideal transmitted through representational space, made actual through their subsequent material actions.

Generational accumulations of male fragility and rage brought about through the encroaching loss of patriarchal privileges due to the collective struggles of women and the move from Keynesian to neoliberal economic policies in the U.S.A. and worldwide. An increasing gap between labourers and property owners, which denies the fetish of the bourgeois suburban family, without effacing its erroneous representation as a primordial self-evident ideal.

And the final fucking straw: the scapegoating of race — a metonymically wandering empty signifier that distracts us from the real issue: a classed society that presents itself as equal and free, all the while our working lives are organised by hierarchies of domination, and our leisure time is filled with spectacles of unattainable ideals, ideals that present themselves as autonomous and perfectly capable of materialisation by anyone, regardless of socioeconomic position. One must simply work harder and become a well-adjusted neoliberal individual.

All that is situated melts into the air.

I feel the desperate need to read:

1. The Eighteenth Brumaire
of Louis Bonaparte
2. The Wretched of the Earth
3. Simulacra and Simulation

and anything else that will help us resist this fucking hell we’re in.

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