An exploration of society, culture and the futility of existence. Expect philosophy, anime and games MY DETERIORATING MENTAL STATE.

Your average vegan, feminist, queer anarcho-socialist who obtained a genetics-zoology degree before discovering postmodernism and existentialism. I have now deconstructed myself into a nothing corner of despair.

Someone hire me.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi. I don’t really reply very often on random strangers’ blogs. But the quality of your writing and your general outlook on life compelled me to.

    I’ve had very similar experiences with regards to people just wanting me to be normal, and begging me to just be ‘another cog’ in society so to speak. The same people have then completely ignored me and left me to sink or swim as soon as a semblance of normalcy was returned. There is simply no depth anywhere, and your writing provided a welcome relief.

    I have really not much else to say, except that you have a unique outlook on the world, of the kind that has become far too rare in the world, either because of how functionalist society has gotten or merely because of a culture that promotes shallowness.


    1. I’ve struggled with the concept of shallowness for the longest time, because to me all forms of expression come from a place of pain, so even the most banal statements are attempts to bring people closer to one another. Beneath all this anger, I do realise most people are trying to help, it’s simply they’ve never considered how some of the worst atrocities in existence came about from people trying to help–that the concept of the psychopath, tyrant, or criminal is an ideal type removed from the material circumstances that birthed it, and that niceness doesn’t amount to much, politically or ethically.

      I think it’s why I’m so angry–because I know people are trying, but they’ve been duped by the neoliberal happiness industry that simply being nice and free-spirited is enough. Support without delving into the root of suffering, however, simply leaves us all crippled and dependent; or alternatively, as you’ve pointed out, support that is instrumental is only ever fleeting–a device to transition us back into (someone else’s idea of) normality.

      The closest comparison I have to this feeling is what beneficiaries must experience, constantly told to get a job in a job market purposefully lacking in positions, so that a desperate underclass is formed and forced to take any job offered, no matter the wages or insecurity. Treated as worthless, then given a worthless position, then told they’re a failure if they quit. As if they were ever given a chance to begin with.

      Sorry I took so long replying, my anxiety has been getting worse, but I’m going to try and be more active again. Reading your post has reminded me that I should write down to earth pieces again.


  2. Hey,
    I’ve read all your posts a couple of times now, and shared them with anyone I know who would be even remotely interested. I genuinely enjoy reading your work, because even when I don’t agree with it (or especially), it’s always interesting, and it leads to researching and reading up on the subjects myself. I have nothing to say really other than please keep it up, you’re adding value to at the very least a couple of people’s lives.

    ps: good taste in anime

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