ANXIETY 1962 – 1963: A Fever Dream Through Digital Capitalism

The city is a factory and we are paranoid machines; subject pre/post, producer of the product that is ourselves, a scattered weave of electronic and experiential commodities. Who needs to believe in advertising when they can believe in themselves, photographed before the latest microbrew … More ANXIETY 1962 – 1963: A Fever Dream Through Digital Capitalism

Acid and Lost Time

The Ache is leaving. Three years languished by dead end jobs, drugs and friends. Last week above a bagel store, the sun morphs mute amidst travelling clouds, indifferent fluctuations of light on an otherwise featureless day. You arrive a tight knot of anxieties over a moment in time that could only have arrived after its departure … More Acid and Lost Time

A Derisory Self-Analysis

So I’ve been reading the Boogiepop light novels as of late and it’s got me thinking about self-hatred, narcissism and radical alterity. There was a time I wanted to be a counsellor, because I thought being exceedingly depressed was a good foundation for connecting with others. I don’t think I could do that now, simply because it disgusts me too much … More A Derisory Self-Analysis

Exit Bag Out

Awhile ago, I had been at a party. I’d listened to someone talk about Kate Moss for ten minutes straight. I left the room, found my flatmate and asked why anyone was interested in anything at all. We’d come up with no answers. All this started a month ago, and all that started long before. I will not … More Exit Bag Out

Kill Yourself

Barbiturate is one of the few drugs capable of killing you painlessly, so of course the state has banned it. Instead we get paracetamol, a shitty over-the-counter painkiller that leaves you in pain for up to five days while your liver and kidneys shut down. Suicide prevention is a fucking joke. Secular appropriations of Christian … More Kill Yourself

Finitude, Death and the False Gods of Creation: Power and the Subject in Nietzsche and Althusser

Caught in becoming, the subject never becomes. The animal, sunken in immanence, knows only existence as species-being. As a philosophical concept, the animal represents reproduction, the infinite repetition of the same … More Finitude, Death and the False Gods of Creation: Power and the Subject in Nietzsche and Althusser


His arm circling round her waist. Maybe . . . A blare. Sweat of traffic. Muggy afternoon. The sun bounces off every surface, paints the surroundings white. I stand at the corner of the street, feel the pavement seep through my soles. Sesame drifts from the marketplace; cheap soba, oil and soy. A cat stretches on the neighbour’s roof, white fur … More Suītopī

A Selfless Suicide

Selfishness is an attribute often applied to suicide victims, with weakness quick to follow. Ending one’s life seems to contribute more to a person’s reputation than their entire existence beforehand. There is a seething sense of ownership behind the visage of friendship. A ravenous desire beneath the veneer of betrayal … More A Selfless Suicide

The Spectre of Bond

A spectre is haunting Spectre—the spectre of James Bond. All the powers of reason have entered a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre, but it is a haunt that rests in the fabric of this franchise, a totalising essence that cannot be shaken, only stirred. It is apt we open with the out of context … More The Spectre of Bond